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RE: LSB help needed for powerpc and s390

> First tjreport for a testing/unstable hybrid running with kernel
> 2.6.0-test5 on a TiBook IV is up at
> http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/lsb/tjreport-powerpc-20031002 .
> Doesn't look too good I'm afraid...

The syslog set is usually a setup problem
when they all show uninitiated.

It's also interesting that the whole IPC
set (msgctl/semctl/shmctl) goes uninitiated.

In fact, the 444 uninitiated and 185
unresolved tests seems to imply something
systemic: uninitiated means the test
couldn't start (some key resource is either
missing, or a value is set wrong in the
test configuration file),  and usually unresolved
comes from a core dump while the test is
in progress.

The failure count is 73, which doesn't
seem totally out of line, given that we
know there are about 50 or so internatinaliztion
related tests in dispute.

Of course, some of the 629 UNRES + UNINIT
might also fail once they're made to run
through to completion.

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