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Re: New per subarch 2.4.22 powerpc kernels, please test.


Sven Luther writes:

> I am searching for testers for the new 2.4.22-2 serie of kernel
> packages before uploading them to the archive, and potentially
> breaking lot of stuff.

Well, the kernel booted fine on all the Newworld Powermacs that I
could get a hand on, which is probably not surprising - they are all a
bit old and hence reasonably well-supported.  Want a list of models?

> Remaining problems :
>   1) Each kernel image still has a 8Mo or such copy of the
>   modules. I wanted to separate them, but Manoj tells me this is not
>   possible so near the sarge release, since it requires
>   modifications of kernel-package, so it will be for later.

Building a common modules package for all sub-archs sounds like a very
good thing to do.  Just to get this right: You are probably aware that
in order to achieve this now, you could simply bypass make-kpkg in
debian/rules, like by doing one full build with make-kpkg and then
several kernel-only builds with make or somesuch.  So are you saying
that you would like to wait till this functionality is integrated into

Regards, Jens.

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