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Re: New per subarch 2.4.22 powerpc kernels, please test.

 > > What is this no-video-driver stuff ?

 There is a checkbox in BootX labeled 'No Video Driver'. This
 causes append="video=ofonly" to be added to the boot parameters.

 For the 2.4 kernels, at least on my box, I need _not_ to have
 > that boot parameter, where for the 2.2 kernels I did.

So, you mean that when booting with video=ofonly, it does not work with
2.4, while it was necessary on 2.2 kernels ? This should be rather a
progress, altough i wonder why it does not work with ofonly.

I assume that this is fairly prevailent behavior regardless, but FWIW, it's similar here (7600/G3 450). If I use novideo (2.4.18 from woody), linux still boots, but doesn't seem to take control of the video hardware and I have to log in and reboot while looking at a MacOS startup splash-screen. (Note: booting to runlevel 2 currently, and haven't felt like trying startx while I can't see. :)

Curiously enough, booting kernel 2.2.20 (also from Woody) _with *or* without_ the 'No Video Driver' checked boots fine, X/KDE, work fine, etc. in my limited test. (Still in MacOS a lot, haven't got modem working from linux yet.) I gather that this is slightly odd behavior for BootX? I don't know if maybe the 'Force Video Settings' box set in the options does anything.

Hope I'm helpful, and not just confusing things. :^)


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