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Re: CPU and Memory usage of XFree86

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 00:42, Nirmal Govind wrote: 
> > Hi.. I've noticed that the XFree86 process on my ibook is taking up a 
> > decent chunk of memory and some CPU and this seems to be slowing down my 
> > machine a bit .. when I do 'top', XFree86 is a process that's constantly 
> > at the top of the list.. 
> X server memory consumption is a FAQ and has recently been discussed
> here, but the X server should normally never hog the CPU (and it doesn't
> here) unless there are clients flooding it with requests.

Of course, notice that the Xterm (or worse, kterm etc.) you're running
the top command in _is_ flooding the X server...  :-)

(I've actually measured this some ten years ago -- the result (on *that*
old system, your mileage will be totally different I'm sure) was that
top+xterm took 10%-20% cpu.  top itself *still* takes ~2% cpu on busy
systems (lots of processes), and the Xterm situation has not considerably
improved either, I feel confident in saying).


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