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Re: Linux does not boot after a MacOSX upgrade

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 06:47, Michael Lake wrote:
>>2. reinstall Linux as a stock kernel 2.4.18 prior to the benh kernel 
>>2.4.20 did work. I choose the later as I really needed ny system up.

> You could have kept your existing system with a different kernel... as a
> rule of thumb, the only reason for reinstalling a Debian system is
> unrecoverable filesystem damage.

True. But I did keep my existing system - I was pleasantly surprised. 
The reinstall just overwrote a few things like /etc/hosts and prob other 
things that I dont know about but my /home was under / as one partition 
and it was all OK as I didnt 'initialise' the disk before 
reinstallation. And a subsequent apt-get goes fine. Actually this is the 
time to probably move from stable to testing for me.

If I had another PPC to build one on or could have got a kernel from 
somewhere that would have been great. Anyhow I am now running with the 
stock 2.4.18 powermac kernel and I have just rsynced down the benh 
2.4.22 and compiled it. About time to upgrade to XFree 4.2 as well maybe :-)

Byes from Mike

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