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Re: meta key on ibook 2.2 (dual usb)

On Thursday 18 September 2003 7:34, J. Volkmann wrote:
> Frank Murphy (murphyf+deb-ppc@f-m.fm) schrieb:
> > What symbol gets sent when you press the Apple-logo key? (Run xev, give
> > focus to the window that comes up, and press the key.) It'll probably be
> > Super_L or Meta_L.
> (keysym 0xffe7, Meta_L)
> The icewm config is still the same:
> # Treat Penguin/Meta/Win modifer as Ctrl+Alt
> ModMetaIsCtrlAlt=1
> # "Next workspace" shortcut
> KeySysWorkspaceNext="Alt+Ctrl+Tab"

I don't know. You should probably ask someone on an IceWM mailing list.



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