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Re: meta key on ibook 2.2 (dual usb)

On Thursday 18 September 2003 4:51, J. Volkmann wrote:
> I have an ibook 2.2 dual usb (the one with the radeon M6LY), and it just
> ran fine. I used the meta (apple) key with tab to switch my desktops on
> icewm. But now this doesn't work anymore.
> I could use them with the "use windows keys" option in icewm config...
> Anyone has an idea how I can get this back? I can hardly work without
> this shortcut ;-) and have no clue where to begin my search for the
> recent error...

Do you know what changed?

What symbol gets sent when you press the Apple-logo key? (Run xev, give focus 
to the window that comes up, and press the key.) It'll probably be Super_L or 


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