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Re: ALSA Problem

> I have been able to get also modules complied for the internal port but
> a major thing that is very annoying is that the sound fluxuates up and
> down constantly when listening not matter what app I use.. esp xmms.
> This happens with GNOME and KDE cd players.   I am gathering that it has
> some thing to do with the sound modules.  I can listen to the same in OS
> X and have constant cpu time...

I assume that you mean that you got ALSA compiled for the internal sound chip. 
What sound chip is it? Were you able to get OSS running properly with this 
chip? How about running xmms while using ALSA's OSS emulation?

> Also has anyone figured out how to get sound blaster cards to work under
> alsa or oss.  In the alsa modules i have sb16 and awe but they fail to
> load when starting alsa.

Is this a SounbBlaster under PPC?

> Thanks for all the help.  I have been getting it together slowly but
> surly.

I know it's just a typo, but I like it:  "Slowly but surly." :)


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