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Re: Enabling IBM Java 141 for web browsers

Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:

As far as I know, the IBM jdks do not come with a Mozilla plugin so they won't work with Mozilla period.

You should be able to use in in Konqueror just by opening it up and editing its setting and changing the path to find java in the settings.

I have the following Konqueror settings

Global Settings
x Enable Java Globally

Java Run-time Settings
o Show Java console
x Use security manager
x Shutdown applet server when inactive
Path to Java executable, or 'java': /opt/IBMJava2-ppc-141/bin/java

But is does not work, any ideas?

From there you should be good to go.

If you want to use the JIT compiler under IBM's jdk please put the following in your .bashrc or .profile


According to Crowshaw, I should not use JIT because it dramatically downgrades performance

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