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Re: mplayer packages

On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 08:04:01PM +0200, Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> Thanks! I had trouble building mplayer 1.0pre1 with gcc-3.3 (got gcc internal
> error). You had no trouble with the AltiVec part of the build
> process?
I cheated, I hacked the Makefile of the libavcodec/ subdir to use a cvs
gcc and even that one ICEs if you pass '-g', so I had to disable that

> As I understand when reading http://developer.apple.com/hardware/ve/
> it's G4-only, so -g4 would be a better suffix IMO.
> Like Marillat's packages have a i386 (ppc/powerpc suffix here) version for
> ALL x86-based archs and i686,k7,k6 specific versions (g4 suffix) for CPU
> optimized mplayer/mencoder packages.
Well, I'm not very familiar with the PowerPC family of processors yet,
will the g5 have a different/improved altivec instruction set? Is it
still called altivec then? In this case -g4 would make more sense. I'm
also still unsure what will be the best -mcpu and -march flags for the
G4s (although I doubt it will make much of a difference).
 -- Guido

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