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Screen blank restore problems on Wallstreet/233

Hi all,

I'm new to this list, so hello to everyone out there.

I've just installed Debian on my Powerbook G3 Wallstret/233 with the
terrible 800x600 passive LCD screen. (Yes, I know it's a piece of junk,
but it was practically free...)

I've got pretty much everything working perfectly at this point, using
Ben Herrenschmidt's excellent 2.4.21 kernel (rsync from 8/16/03)  except
for one little problem - the screen does not restore from blanking

Using either fblevel from pmud-utils or the pbbuttonsd I can adjust the
backlight brightness fine. However, once I go to fblevel 0 (or set the
brightness to 0 using pbbuttonsd), the screen goes blank as expected.
However, once I go back to fblevel 1, the screen becomes white.  I can
just about make out (by looking at an angle) that the screen is still
working (at least I can still see the windows on my X display), but there
is no way to get the display back to normal without shutting down and
rebooting. The system is otherwise functioning correctly and adjusting the
fblevel still changes the brightness.

This is mainly a problem because it happens when the machine returns from
sleep mode, making suspend unusable.

I have an ATI Mach64 LT-G chipset using the atyfb console driver.
I've had a look at the atyfbcon_blank function in atyfb_base.c, but I'm
not sure if that's where the problem is.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any ideas where to start to fix



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