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Re: Help with X using ATI pci card?

On  16 Aug, this message from W. Crowshaw echoed through cyberspace:
>  I've come to the conclusion that
> there is something fundamentally wrong with either
> this driver or the way this card is recognized
> by the kernel or some combination of both.  Maybe it
> has something to do with the pci mappings, which I
> have read are a bit funny when it comes to controlfb.

Note that controlfb most definitely has nothing to do with your problem.
There's some PCI funniness with control indeed, but since that graphics
adapter is on a separate PCI bus from your ATI card, they
_cannot_ interfere on the PCI level.

> More proof of my conclusion comes from a 1998 thread on
> linux-ppc mailing list that describes exactly the
> same problem.  The poster there had exactly the same
> hardware I'm working with, including the PowerMac
> 7500's control built video-card.  You, Geert, were one
> of the participants in that thread, which died
> without a resolution.    

Was that thread talking about framebuffer drivers? One problem you _may_
be hitting is the configuration of both framebuffers re. resolution and
color depth. I seem to remember there were some problems in that area...
But I can't remember anything specific.

Sorry for not beeing of more help..


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