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Re: lcd resolution scaling?

On Sunday 17 Aug 2003 1:10 am, Thomas Otto wrote:
> > Do ibook kernels support scaling of other resolutions to a laptop's
> > native res?  I understand the rage mobility can do this with little or no
> > (in later revisions?) performance loss, and it would solve some issues
> > nicely, such as mol support, hard-coded games, etc.
> Try Ctrl Alt +/- which will switch to lower resolutions if your
> XF86Config-4 is set up for this. Here I have
>    Modes    "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
> Which all work fine.
> If you mean if some 300x200 pixel resolution which is below the LCD
> resolution can be scaled up by X - I don't know that.

Yes, that's what I mean.  If I ctrl-alt-+ to 640x480, for example, I get 
normal 1024x768 resolution, but only see a 640x480 window, and a few ugly 
copies of it in the other 'quarters'.

> > On a related note, is there a simple way to make a 1024x768 console
> > display 80x25, such as loading a large font, or something?
> Only from my experience from x86, I don't know if this also applies to
> PPC: The parameter "vga = <number>" ('791' here) enables certain
> framebuffer modes, I guess google for possible values that use simple VGA.

I'm assuming this would have the same issue, but I haven't really 
experimented, since I'm not sure of the numbers on ppc.  I still have to try 
vga=ask or something...

> Or you might indeed try to generate your own font :)

I'll look into that, thanks.

- Lee.

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