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Re: swiss german keyboard config needed

Michel Dänzer wrote:
On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 17:47, Frank Murphy wrote:

Yeah, the fn-thing isn't so convienient. Do you have another idea for
getting these? Or if they're even necessary? I know that Alt_R is often
used for AltGr on European keyboards, but are the others used in a
standard way?

Can't think of much else except UAE wanting right ctrl e.g., I thought
of Mode_switch in particular indeed.

Actually, the best thing would be to do what Apple does with the keys.

What exactly do you mean by that? Same as in Mac OS? It has very
different requirements for modifiers, doesn't it?
Don't you think it would be the best to produce the same characters with the same key combinations as in OS X by default (eg. for swiss keyboards that ALT-G = @, ALT-8 = {, ALT-6 = ],...) ? I think any special requirements (that will differ between users) then can be made by xmodmap. If I find the time I will try to write a more complete keymap for swiss german keyboards. I made some screenshots of the keyboard utility that shows the key layout in OS X today.


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