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Re: swiss german keyboard config needed

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 12:48, Frank Murphy wrote:
> > Most importantly, the shift and command keys are duplicate, so the right
> > shift, command and alt keys are missing. (I know that they're sort of
> > available with fn, but I doubt that most people consider that a viable
> > solution for often-used symbols)
> Yeah, the fn-thing isn't so convienient. Do you have another idea for getting 
> these? Or if they're even necessary? I know that Alt_R is often used for 
> AltGr on European keyboards, but are the others used in a standard way?

Can't think of much else except UAE wanting right ctrl e.g., I thought
of Mode_switch in particular indeed.

> > > Also, does it matter if X maps a key that doesn't exist on the
> > > installed keyboard?
> >
> > Yes, you can't use it. :)
> Well, yeah. :) But if the key is not really useful (say, Insert), I assume 
> there's a minimal penalty for keeping the map around with no real need, but I 
> would live if I couldn't use Insert.

There's also delete, maybe others.

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