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Newbie (to ppc), but glad to be here.

Boy, I've sure noticed that the PPC support is lacking compared to i386, but I'm sure all of you know that already.

I'm running Debian (Woody) on a Snow 500MHz (Flower Power motherboard is what's reported in dmesg) CRT iMac. I have been fairly successful in getting *most* everything set up.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there any way to adjust the monitor settings (brightness, contrast etc.) with Linux? I have googled to my hearts content but have found nothing definintive. I did install pmud and the pmud-utils. The only thing I can get to work is snooze, but of course, it puts the machine into power saving mode and turns the monitor off as well. This is great except that it keeps me from running any servers or background processes. It seems that DPMS only turns the monitor to black, but doesn't shut it off like I would like. Since the brightness is cranked all the way up, the screen never gets darker than about 5-10% grey. I'm sure this is *real* good for the CRT over the long haul.

2. My mixer (/dev/mixer) doesn't really seem to work properly. The Main volume control does nothing, while the speaker control adjusts the volume. This would be OK except: 1. My volume control in XMMS (I'm running gnome w/o esound (too slow) - so I'm using OSS in XMMS) doesn't work. 2. Since I cannot separately control PCM, Master and Speaker volume, I cannot listen to headphones and turn the built-in speaker volume down.

3. Since the cdrom drive doesn't seem to have analog audio hooked to the sound card, how do you guys deal with playing CDs?

I have been able to get alot of crazy stuff working so far, so I should be able to contribute as well (I hope). My next project is to continue to try and get the atmel driver for my wireless Belkin to compile. ;)

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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