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Re: X Won't Log In

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 4:48, Steven Schlansker wrote:
> Kernel options?  Where do I set those?
> I set the video driver to the framebuffer one (fbdev I think) but it
> doesn't work. (in the real XFree86 that is) - I'll try to set the
> video=valkyriefb as soon as someone tells me where I set the kernel
> options.  Thanks.

In the boot loader config. I assume that you are using bootX or quik to boot, 
but I use yaboot. Try `man quik` or /usr/share/doc/bootx/README to learn how 
do do it. (Or someone here who uses your bootloader could help, too.)

If your system can use yaboot, then look in /etc/yaboot.conf. You should see a 
stanza like this:


Copy it to make an experimental entry like this:

        append = "video=valkyriefb"

Then run `ybin` as root to copy this file to the boot disk.

Then on boot, on the second prompt, press the <tab> key, and you should see a 
list of entries Linux and Linux-experiment. Try Linux-experiment and see if 
Xfree will work with the fbdev.

On other bootloaders, the idea will be similar.


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