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Re: system time

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 08:41:01AM -0400, Jule Slootbeek wrote:
> the frequency would be:
> time_init: decrementer frequency = 16.640000 MHz

What iBook do you have? Is your bus really 66 MHz?

> I'm not sure what it means but i'll look it up in the holder of all
> answers, google.

It means that the timebase and decrementers of the processor (used 
for time-keeping) run at this rate.

> /proc/device-tree/clock-frequency (couldn't find timebase-frequency)
> consists of 2 questionmarks, that can't be good. I'm running 2.4.21-benh
> maybe i didn't include all modules i should have.

Sorry for the confusing expression, I meant somewhere in the directory
tree below /proc/device-tree. For example on my tower, I have:

$ ls /proc/device-tree/cpus/PowerPC,G4/*freq*

but yours will be different since ibooks with G4 are hard
to find. The values are binary, so to have an idea of what they mean:

od -td4 `find /proc/device-tree/ -name timebase-frequency`


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