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Re: Compiling a 2.5.x kernel

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 10:40:52PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
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> Hello all...
> It's been a while since I've written, so I hope that this is a relevant 
> question. 
> I just got off irc w/ the debian folk, and didn't really get anywhere. First, 
> I'm running woody, w/ a 2.2.22 kernel. I want to attempt to compile the 
> 2.5.75 kernel, and I get an error:
> poet:/home/movies/linux-2.5.75# make
> make[1]: `arch/ppc/kernel/asm-offsets.s' is up to date.
> *** 2.5 kernels no longer buildcorrectly with old versions of binutils.
> *** Please upgrade your binutils to 2.12.1 or newer
> make: *** [checkbin] Error 1
> but, I've got binutils, which is newer than 2.12.1, right? If 
> this is the case, then the error message must be bogus, and something else is 
> wrong. 
> That's one thing. Then, the Documentation/Changes says I need a "recent 
> version" of binutils, but not what version. Is this a bug, and does it need 
> reporting? I do understand that I need Module-Init-Tools, but that there is 
> no package for woody. 
> So...should I just give up and not bother with this (or any 2.5/6 kernels) WRT 
> woody?

The 2.4.21 benh kernel would be a much better bet. That's cutting
edge for powerpc.

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