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Re: Another quik/beige G3 boot attempt

On  12 Jul, this message from Simon Vallet echoed through cyberspace:
>> I don't really believe changing load-base makes a difference ...
> the NetBSD people say that this may help :
> http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/faq.html#ofw-claim-failed

I'm not sure all their OF explanations are correct. For instance, CLAIM
FAILED, I believe, indicates an error with allocating memory. DEFAULT
CATCH, on the other hand, is the default catch-all action [sic] for all
processor exceptions. The code shown with this message indicates what
the exact problem was; it is the exception vector which you can look up
in any PPC reference manual.

> don't know if it is the same under Linux, thoug.

There won't be any difference on the OF side... OF isn't changed by the
OS :-)

>> > Did _someone_ succeed to boot a beige G3 using quik ?
>> It's been done, rarely. I think Michel Lanners is an example in 
>> the archives.

Yes, but looking through the NetBSD pages, I seem to remember that:

- my OF is version 2.0f1, i.e. not the same as yours,
- the problem with quik showed itself as DEFAULT CATCH, not as CLAIM
  FAILED. The problem was with BAT mappings, making the processor load
  instructions from  nirvana, resulting in a 0x300 exception (error
  decoding instructions).

But now that I think of it, it would be _possible_ that the BAT mapping
problem showed itself as CLAIM FAILED, since BAT's remap physical to
virtual memory....

> Let's hope that he'll not be the only one :-)
> In case I don't succed, is BootX working reliably on G3's ?

I have no idea, I'm lucky enough to not need BootX, and have gotten rid
of MacOS...



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