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Re: Another quik/beige G3 boot attempt

 > Whenever you get CLAIM FAILED, before re-trying, use reset-all.
> The memory map is hosed after CLAIM FAILED.
i did
> > This topic has already been discussed on this list, but the solutions didn't work for me: here is what I did :
> > - downloaded System Disk 2.3.1 and applied the OF patch
> > - downloaded the modified first.b : quik-first.b-g3, copied it under /target/boot/first.b
> Did you actually run quik after this step? Running quik places the
> first.b code in the boot block. If you are in the installer, you
> will need to use quik -r /target to do this.
I did, but with as follows : quik -v (in a /target chroot'ed shell)
I'm going to try this
> I don't really believe changing load-base makes a difference ...
the NetBSD people say that this may help :
don't know if it is the same under Linux, though
> > Did _someone_ succeed to boot a beige G3 using quik ?
> It's been done, rarely. I think Michel Lanners is an example in
> the archives.
Let's hope that he'll not be the only one :-)
In case I don't succed, is BootX working reliably on G3's ?

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