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Re: Airport utility for Linux?

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 22:44, Wes Morgan wrote:
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> Is there a utility for Linux that will make Airport behave more like it does 
> in MacOS? I'm thinking specifically of the ability to bring the interface up 
> and down as it sees the WAP appear and disappear. It would also be nice to 
> see SSID's that are in range and things like that too, but the dynamic 
> ifup/down is the most important thing. (Sort of a wireless ifplugd) Thanks.

Hmm, I don't know how it is in OSX, but it is sort of perfect for *me*
under linux. I simply open the lid whereever I am and it detects whether
I am in the office at home or connected through somme open net.

And yes, when I plug in the ethernet plug eth1 is ifdown'd and eth0 goes
up in the right network. Same vice versa.

This all works through ifplugd and ifupdown-roaming.

However you seem to ask for access point hopping, which is what aphopper
is for http://aphopper.sourceforge.net/

I would also consider having a look at
it has really a lot of useful infos.


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