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Re: screaming ibook in 2.4.20

I seem to get along very well with alsa 0.9.1 under 2.4.20-ben10 ibook2.
I never made internal microphone to work, in that department I still
have to go back to osx (uhh I use rat a lot-or vat on osx):-(

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 02:13, Charles R. Twardy wrote:
> I know this is an old problem. My apologies if I missed the proper fix. I
> didn't see one.
> My ibook screams under the debian 2.4.20 kernel (from unstable).
> I always know when it will happen.
> Sometimes on wakeup, the speakers click every few seconds.
> The next wakeup, they will scream, because the mic goes live.
> The one after that, they might scream, or hiss, or be OK. Etc.
> Interestingly, normally my console beeps don't happen (though xmms works).
> But after the screaming stops, I often get console beeps.
> I've put the rmmod dmasound_pmac calls in /etc/power/pwrctl-local, but
> that doesn't work because something is using dmasound. Probably Gnome.
> It used to do this back under 2.4.18, but someone was working on it. Then
> I ran OSX primarily for awhile. I've been back to Debian for a couple of
> months.
> How do I turn off the blasted mic? My version of aumix doesn't seem to let
> me handle mic at all.
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