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screaming ibook in 2.4.20

I know this is an old problem. My apologies if I missed the proper fix. I
didn't see one.

My ibook screams under the debian 2.4.20 kernel (from unstable).
I always know when it will happen.

Sometimes on wakeup, the speakers click every few seconds.
The next wakeup, they will scream, because the mic goes live.
The one after that, they might scream, or hiss, or be OK. Etc.

Interestingly, normally my console beeps don't happen (though xmms works).
But after the screaming stops, I often get console beeps.

I've put the rmmod dmasound_pmac calls in /etc/power/pwrctl-local, but
that doesn't work because something is using dmasound. Probably Gnome.

It used to do this back under 2.4.18, but someone was working on it. Then
I ran OSX primarily for awhile. I've been back to Debian for a couple of

How do I turn off the blasted mic? My version of aumix doesn't seem to let
me handle mic at all.

Charles R. Twardy, Res.Fellow,  Monash University, School of CSSE
ctwardy at alumni indiana edu   +61(3) 9905 5823 (w)  5146 (fax)

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