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Re: [OT] Re: Apple PowerMac G5

Em Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:11:11 +0200, Yann Droneaud escreveu:

> I have OS/2 2.11 (or something like that), it worked (i don't use it any 
> more ;) very well on my own built PCs (ranging from 486 to Pentium).

	This is around the same problem as GNU/Linux, especially
non-x86, has these days: if you assemble your own boxen, it is
perfect.  But if you have a non-supported system, good luck finding
good drivers.

> I don't remember if OS/2 1.3 worked only on PS/2

	It is not that it worked only on the PS/2, but that there were
very few systems besides the PS/2 where it worked well.

> but it was the first 
> release developped without Microsoft, and obviously the first release 
> that seems to work ;).

	Actually that was IBM OS/2 2.0.  Until 1.3 it had lotsa input
from MS.

> But until OS/2 3.0 (Warp), it require 8MBytes of RAM, something not
> affordable for desktop computing ...

	Back then in Brasil even OS/2 3.0 had irrealistic memory
requirements for the domestic desktop.  It was reserved for members of
the upper B and the A classes (in the A to E classification), that
were around 10% of the population at most.  Meanwhile members of the
upper C and lower B classes could afford MS-DOS and perhaps MS W16
systems, perhaps 30% of the population.

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