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[OT] Re: Apple PowerMac G5

leandro guimarães faria corsetti dutra wrote:

>>>because IBM tried to make it even closer with IBM OS/2 and PS/2, thus
>>OS/2 was a joint venture between IBM and MS from the beginning, and both
>>sold it.
> 	Actually it was MS DOS protected mode with MS W16 on top,
> until IBM came about and said MS W16 was too ugly.
> 	But the fact is that IBM OS/2 run well only on PS/2 and later
> on licensed clones, and in a few PC clones.  Until version 3 (Warp) it
> wasn't any good for white boxen or even small brands.

I have OS/2 2.11 (or something like that), it worked (i don't use it any 
more ;) very well on my own built PCs (ranging from 486 to Pentium).
I don't remember if OS/2 1.3 worked only on PS/2, but it was the first 
release developped without Microsoft, and obviously the first release 
that seems to work ;).
Then OS/2 2.0 came with the object oriented GUI: Presentation Manager
OS/2 2.11 was able to run Windows 3.11 applications with memory
protection and real multitasking (preemptable).
But until OS/2 3.0 (Warp), it require 8MBytes of RAM, something not
affordable for desktop computing ...

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