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How do I move a disk from one 7xxx to another and related matters?

I have a 7300/180 which has errors on /dev/sda. I've tried reinstalling,
using a destructive badblocks test to no avail.

Having a 7200/120 that's dead for other reasons I thought a fine idea to
move its disk to the first.

I exchanged the two assemblies that have disk, CD and floppy.

Oh wretched computer!!

I swear it wouldn't boot, wouldn't talk to the screen....

I took it apart for a few days to do some work on another, the
reattached kbd, mouse and monitor. It didn't boot the HDD, but it does
boot floppy.

This disk contains my last copy of macos. I've been deleting all the HFS
partitions - /dev/sda5 and up except for one - and installing Woody into
/dev/sda5 (except for that one where it went into /dev/sda6).

Are there any tricks I should have observed in moving the hard drive?

Is there any reason I should have preserved mac os on these systems?

Can I make a bootable CD for them without preserving macos?

What partitions _should_ I keep?

Does it matter that I've got Apple partitions from a different computer?

How do I initialise a new hard disk for these machines? Without Macos?

These are all 7xxx powermacs, all seem to have Open Firmware, 1.0.5.


John Summerfield

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