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Re: How do I move a disk from one 7xxx to another and related matters?

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 09:31:25PM +0800, debian@computerdatasafe.com.au wrote:
> I have a 7300/180 which has errors on /dev/sda. I've tried reinstalling,
> using a destructive badblocks test to no avail.
> Having a 7200/120 that's dead for other reasons I thought a fine idea to
> move its disk to the first.
> I exchanged the two assemblies that have disk, CD and floppy.
> Oh wretched computer!!
> I swear it wouldn't boot, wouldn't talk to the screen....
> I took it apart for a few days to do some work on another, the
> reattached kbd, mouse and monitor. It didn't boot the HDD, but it does
> boot floppy.
> This disk contains my last copy of macos. I've been deleting all the HFS
> partitions - /dev/sda5 and up except for one - and installing Woody into
> /dev/sda5 (except for that one where it went into /dev/sda6).
> Are there any tricks I should have observed in moving the hard drive?

The hard drive itself should have moved without a problem. I don't know
about moving the whole assembly; maybe there is some driver electronics

If you can see the hard disk in the installer, though, it should be OK.
> Is there any reason I should have preserved mac os on these systems?

Well, I would, if it's your last copy. But I'm not you :) It's true
that BootX running from MacOS is a more flexible system than quik,
but many don't want MacOS around for philosophical reasons.

The difficulty with the 7200, and maybe the 7300, is that OpenFirmware
doesn't drive the screen, so if you want to muck around in there, 
you have to hook up a tty to the modem port.

> Can I make a bootable CD for them without preserving macos?

Bootable CDs are not possible using only free software. We don't have
bootable CDs in the distribution for OldWorlds. OTOH, a CD with the
MacOS boot drivers is bootable no matter what remains on the hard
disk. (But, if there are no HFS partitions, it wouldn't be able to do
much anyway.)

> What partitions _should_ I keep?

All depends on what you need, if you're running out of room, if
you want to use BootX. You need MacOS for BootX.

> Does it matter that I've got Apple partitions from a different computer?

It shouldn't. The driver partitions are needed for a MacOS
installation, and not needed if you get rid of it. But they're small,
I wouldn't bother with them unless you just want to start clean.

> How do I initialise a new hard disk for these machines? Without Macos?

You can use mac-fdisk in the installer to initialize a new partition
map, with the i command. That will wipe everything out.

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