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Re: 2.4.21-ben2 and acard aec6280m (CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING)

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 12:06, Menaka Lashitha Bandara wrote:

> On my onboard pmac controller, it either hangs, with "lost interrupt"
> being repeated, or resets ide0.
> I thought that it might be because you've changed DMA_TIMEOUT to 100
> from 500. When I recompiled with 500 again, it didn't change anything.
> The driver pmac.c simply cannot get a dma, and doesn't have multicount
> enabled.

Ok, the iBook problem is probably not related to the other one.

Please tell me exactly what message you get and what interrupt the
controller displays on boot for both working and non working kernels


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