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Re: Net card problem (Tx hung)

What kernel version are you using? I have the same card on a 6500 (very
similar machine), and I see hangs on occassion. What driver version are you using, and are you using the default driver or the one from scyld.com?

I've had to patch the default kernel driver to work on big endian machines, and
afaik, the driver maintainer has not applied the fix, but Donald Becker
had applied it to the scyld version.

I'm using a 2.4.21 kernel from the Oficial source.
The net card's driver is the epic100 from scyld (v1.17), the one with the pci-scan module. Exists a newer version??

After a Tx hung if I do an ifdown eth0 and after this an ifup eth0 all goes fine again, but it not solves the problem :(

From now I will register the quantity of MB are transmited before a hung.

Thanks a lot!!

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