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Re: connecting a Mac to a PC

you have to assign ip adresses in the same subnet:
eg: and with a subnetmask
which means that everything in the range - is
in your nertwork
after assigning the IP properly check, weather you can ping the other
box. type:
ping (or the ip of the other box) in a shell and in a DOS box 
and see, weather there is a reply!

if you want detailed instructions on networking, tell me 

PS: as otheres said smbmount is also possible, but i think scp is the
easyest way, plus it is secure, so it is good to get used to it.

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 06:00:32PM -0400, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> > run a ssh-server on the debian box (it should be running per default -
> > check with: ps ax |grep sshd)
> I have the sshd server running.. 
> > get a ssh client for the windoze box (i use pscp  - search using google)
> > start the client an the windoze box and transfer your files
> I connected the two computers but my Windows machine does not recognize the 
> ibook running Debian PPC. Do I need to do some network configuration in 
> Windows to get it to "see" my ibook? I tried the network config. wizard in XP 
> but no luck.. I used putty on the Windows machine to ssh to my ibook using 
> just 'ssh ibook' where ibook is my computer's name but it doesn't connect cos 
> the ibook hasn't been recognized yet by the Windows machine.. am I missing 
> something?
> Thanks,
> nirmal

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