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Re: connecting a Mac to a PC

Nirmal Govind wrote:

run a ssh-server on the debian box (it should be running per default -
check with: ps ax |grep sshd)

I have the sshd server running..
get a ssh client for the windoze box (i use pscp  - search using google)
start the client an the windoze box and transfer your files

I connected the two computers but my Windows machine does not recognize the ibook running Debian PPC. Do I need to do some network configuration in Windows to get it to "see" my ibook? I tried the network config. wizard in XP but no luck.. I used putty on the Windows machine to ssh to my ibook using just 'ssh ibook' where ibook is my computer's name but it doesn't connect cos the ibook hasn't been recognized yet by the Windows machine.. am I missing something?


Make sure each machine has an IP address (just temporarily assign each one with a static IP, in the same subnet, like and Then connect by IP address rather than by name.

Or if you have samba installed on the Debian iBook, you can "smbmount //win_IP_address/c$ /mntpoint -o username=Win_Administrator" from it.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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