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Re: sound

> > > the user is in the groups:
> > >
> > > disk,cdrom,audio
> > >
> > > and no sound.
> >
> > OK, just being in audio should be enough. What's the output of `id` from
> > konsole?
> I don't understand this, what do you mean with "the output of `id` from
> konsole"

Sorry. There's a command line program called 'id' that displays all the group 
information for the given user.

> with oss i can hear all my mp3 files, i just can't hear my music-cd.

OK. dpates@dsdk12.net just corrected something wrong that I'd told you. You 
need to have the xmms-cdread plugin installed and configured, not 
xmms-cdaudio. To show us what xmms stuff you have intstalled, do this command 
at a shell:

dpkg -l | grep xmms

Also what is the output from `ls -l /dev/cdrom`? It should be something like 

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            3 Mar  9 12:34 /dev/cdrom -> hdc

So also mail me the output of `ls -l /dev/hdc` (Or whatever /dev/cdrom points 


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