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Re: Supported systems (Was: Apple PowerMac G5)


> Well, they do... internally to Apple ;) Apple is quite clear in it's
> total absence of interest about Linux on their machines. Some ppl here
> even consider us as a competitor...

And I remember all of the time and effort many of us in the community put in 
to help Apple in its MkLinux project when they were using a pre glibc-2 build 
and had to hand apply kernel patches to integrate the Mach kernel and the 
linux kernel/client, etc. 

I remember reminding Apple about that when I asked if they would share their 
HotSpot port with Blackdown (both signed Sun's JDK agreement so there were no 
license concerns) and basically got shit-on in response.

Sometimes I think that Apple (and most other companies) do not understand the 
impact of community goodwill, and its true value.  And Apple is not alone - 
IBM's JDK 1.4.1 (due to a "programmers mistake" ;-)) actually checks 
/proc/cpuinfo under Linux PPC and decided it would abort if a G4 was found
Although they have promised to fix it, the version I downloaded today is still 
the same "broken" one.   I seemed to be one of the few that was outraged by 
that behavior.

Waiting on big-name companies to "help out" is a big mistake.  We are on our 
own and we need to become even more self-sufficient IMHO.



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