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Re: Supported systems (Was: Apple PowerMac G5)

Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:

Sometimes I think that Apple (and most other companies) do not understand the impact of community goodwill, and its true value.

Saying Apple itself is vague. It comes down to individual people. There have been people in the past at Apple very sympathetic to Linux. Many of these people are either gone or don't want to say the word Linux aloud.

Apparently, Apple's corporate attitude about Linux became decisively negative after a president of a company (going by the name of a Linux port that runs on Macs) drunkenly confronted Steve Jobs at an Apple party after hours at Mac World. From what I have heard, Steve was very upset about it. At that time, there was an even a specific Linux liason in developer relations (who got a personal talking to by Steve). Needless to say, any project at Apple with the words Linux and PPC in the description won't be smiled on by Steve.

What do you suggest for healing this sort of rift?


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