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Re: OT osX mount

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 12:40:24PM -0500, emorfin@caracol.red.cinvestav.mx wrote:
} sorry for the off-topic but i don't know any osX mailing list like this 
} (they only talk about programs like photoshop, how to upgrade quiktime and 
} thinks like that)
} Anyone can recomend a good osX mailing list, something like thisone?

The macosx-admin mailing list is what you want. See

} the question is:
} How can i mount at boot time other partition in the directory i want?
} (in linux: mount -t hfs /dev/hda7 /mnt/osX or the fstab file)
} osX see it as other disk, and i want to mount in some directory.

I managed to do this once using /etc/fstab, but I eventually decided it
wasn't worth it. I now just let OSX mount the partition in /Volumes and
have a symlink to /Volumes/whatever at what would otherwise be the

} thanks.

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