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Re: pbbuttonsd && APM events (/etc/apm/*.d/)

On Fri, 2003-06-13 at 11:53, Michael Schmitz wrote: 
> > > Running apm scripts is possible from pwrctl-local if desired.
> >
> > Is there any reason not to do it by default, other than they're called
> > /etc/apm/event.d/* instead of /etc/pmu/event.d/* ?
> The main reason is I don't know what events are used by apmd, and how to
> map them to pmud events. Add that to 'plenty of other things to do' and
> you're there.
> My preference for an architecture neutral way of handling power related
> events doesn't make that a very high priority on my list of things.
> Interested in taking over pmud? Or sending a patch?

I don't have the time either, but maybe someone else does and is

> Anyway, Carlos reported apmd working on powerpc. Making this a moot point,
> perhaps.

Hardly really a solution yet as apmd also gets rid of pmud-utils and
fblevel is too handy.

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