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Re: mac os doesn't like hformat

> > i'm using hformat in testing/. while linux works fine, mac os 9 ignores
> > my hformatted partition. drive setup wants to repartition the whole drive.
> If you use mac-fdisk to delete the partition and then re-create it
> as Apple_HFS, then MacOS should see it. Once it gets mounted in
> MacOS, you can use Erase Disk to format it either as HFS or HFS+.

The latest mac-fdisk will set the 'automagically mount on boot' flag for
HFS partitions. Maybe that helps.

> Yes, Drive Setup must do the whole drive. (Silly, huh?) Commercial
> tools will let you work with a partition. pdisk for MacOS will let you
> delete and create partitions individually, but not resize them. I
> mean, it seems to, but MacOS doesn't recognize the changes and you
> might get some pretty weird results.

If you hformat the resized partition, it should work. If not, erase the
first few megs of the partition using dd, and MacOS will reinitialize the
partition correctly.

Resizing the partition without reinitializing it will indeed result in
funny things happening (such as MacOS writing over another partitition you
created by cutting down a HFS partition and creating a new one in the free


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