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Re: mac os doesn't like hformat

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 10:16:24PM -0400, Tom Vier wrote:
> i'm using hformat in testing/. while linux works fine, mac os 9 ignores
> my hformatted partition. drive setup wants to repartition the whole drive.
> i've tried dd'ing the whole retrospect boot cd to the partition, and mac os
> still doesn't recognize it. does anyone know of a way to bless it properly?
> even if it's so i can get the finder to prompt to reinitialize it. i don't
> have the ibook restore cd on hand yet (on it's way). however, i'm guessing
> it's drive setup will also want to repartition the whole drive.

If you use mac-fdisk to delete the partition and then re-create it
as Apple_HFS, then MacOS should see it. Once it gets mounted in 
MacOS, you can use Erase Disk to format it either as HFS or HFS+.

Yes, Drive Setup must do the whole drive. (Silly, huh?) Commercial
tools will let you work with a partition. pdisk for MacOS will let you
delete and create partitions individually, but not resize them. I
mean, it seems to, but MacOS doesn't recognize the changes and you
might get some pretty weird results.

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