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Re: powerpc/debian question

On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 05:35:22PM -0400, Kevin Mudrick wrote:
> hi there,
> i've seen some of your posts to linux.debian.ports.powerpc, and saw one
> in particular where you said you did a powerpc serial install with
> woody.  i'm wondering if you could possibly help me out, give me some
> pointers on how to go about with that.  I'm able to access OF from a
> serial console, but as soon as I type "boot fd0" from the "0 >" prompt
> in OF, it reads my debian boot floppy and ejects it, i am assuming then
> its time for the root disk, but i'm getting nothing on the serial
> console.. is there something i need to pass to the boot argument to get
> it to work over serial?  the only mac monitor i have for this machine
> (oh, its a powermac 7500) is unreadable (syncing issues, i dunno) if i
> try to install with the monitor as my output.
> thanks,
> kevin

Yes, IIRC you need:


as a boot parameter. Unfortunately, to add the boot parameter on the
floppy image you'll need a binary editor (like beav in debian) or else
with ResEdit in MacOS you can edit the cmdl resource in the System
file. I found that 9600 was a really bad speed to use, because it is
out of sync with the serial drivers. It would respond at about 1 cps.

You also need to 

setenv kbd ttya
setenv console ttya

in OF, if they're not already set that way, so you will see the output
on the serial console.

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