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Re: PowerBook 1Ghz 15" installation woes!

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 01:20, Francis Pressland wrote:
> I tried updating the kernel using rsync to get the enh-kernel tree. I managed to
> complile a stock kernel withoutchanging any settings in menuconfig, but this
> results in completely useless keyboard after rebooting. I tried using the us
> keyboard as default on a woody install because I read somewhere that non US
> keyboards caused problems, but got the same result when I compiled the kernel.
> So my first question is, how can I upgrade to the latest kernel and have my
> german keyboard work?

Have you read http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/keycodes ?

> AFTER giving up on the kernel for the time being, I decided to try and get the
> XFree86 installed to work with the standard woody kernel. After a lot of
> fiddling looking for the tilde symbol, I mamnaged to add the link to Daenzer's X
> installation in my apt sources.list and installed them without a problem,
> however after doing a startx, all I got was a black screen with a blurred white
> horizonal line about an inch from the bottom of my screen! This persisted after
> re-booting.
> I used 40-40 as horizontal snc and 40-120 as vertical, which I believe are the
> correct settings for my 15" 1280x854 screen, but I may hae that wron I suppose!

should basically work, but you may need a recent kernel with working

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