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Re: Undelete?

Could you send the output of "mount" and "fdisk -l <your-disk>" under
linux? You have to be root to run fdisk. You should replace <your-disk>
with the file corresponding to the physical disk you want to observe
(probably the one with the HFS partition). If you have an IDE disk,
it'll look like /dev/hda (first disk); /dev/hdb (second), ... etc. 

Do "man mount" and "man fdisk" for more details on these two commands.

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On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 16:36, karrottop wrote:
> I have got a bit of a problem.  I installed Debian on a G4 tower and I
> have no idea why but it looks like linux installed itself on my HFS
> partition that I have a lot of documents etc on.  Now, I do have linux
> installed correctly, and yaboot is working great etc etc but when I am
> in macosx the drive stays unmounted and if I try to mount it in linux I
> end up with what apears to be the root of debian.  I would assume that
> their  is some utility I can use to recover from this, be it a mac app
> or a linux app...any suggestions?
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