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Re: external FW HD


> I have a question concerning an external Firewire Harddrive and an iBook2 
> running Debian 3.0r0 is there a way to mount the HD or is it hopeless?

It works. I attached a script which I use for this.
But listen: You need to unload the drivers before entering sleep mode.

Bye, claas


case "$1" in
    echo "Starting firewire harddisk..."
    modprobe -k ieee1394
    modprobe -k ohci1394
    modprobe -k sbp2
    modprobe -k sd_mod
    modprobe -k sg


    mount /firewire
    echo "Shutting down firewire harddisk..."
    fuser -m /firewire
    umount /firewire 
    modprobe -r sbp2
    modprobe -r ohci1394
    modprobe -r sg
    modprobe -r sd_mod
    echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop]"

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