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Re: Packet writing and backups (was: Re: program for backing up data)

On Tue, May 20 2003, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On May 19 2003, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> > Hi.. is there a free program for backing up specific folders on the
> > hard disk onto a CD or external hard disk? I mean something that
> > doesn't overwrite files that haven't changed etc. and only makes the
> > necessary addition/deletion/replacement...
> 	This thread is quite appropriate, as I've currently looking
> 	for ways to automate more and more of my tasks.
> 	I'm also looking to *wisely* use tools to lower the effort
> 	sufficient to restore data in a crash-recovery situation
> 	and making my data cleaner/cross-platform as well as
> 	generating portable backups are both vital parts of my plan.
> 	I want to make backups of files that are not very much
> 	compressible (mpeg files, for instance) and that potentially
> 	span multiple CD-RWs.
> 	The closest to the ideal situation that I found was to use my
> 	CD-RW with packet writing tools. This way, I think that I can
> 	just use tar with its multivolume switch (-M) and backup the
> 	way I want.
> 	If, on the other hand, one wishes to use the CD-RW as a live
> 	filesystem for day-to-day work, I would think that rsync would
> 	do the trick.
> 	More information about packet writing can be found at
> 	<http://packet-cd.sourceforge.net/> and recent patches at
> 	<http://w1.894.telia.com/~u89404340/patches/packet/2.4/>. User
> 	space tools are already packaged for Debian in form of the
> 	udftools package.
> 	I am compiling my kernel (on i386) with packet writing support
> 	right now and I'll keep the list posted on the results I get.
> 	I'd appreciate if other people did the same.

Sounds interesting, I'd love to hear how well pktcdvd works for
something like that today. I haven't tested on ppc hardware, I suppose I
should know that I have a superdrive enabled beast...

Jens Axboe

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