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Re: program for backing up data

On  19 May, this message from Nirmal Govind echoed through cyberspace:
> Thanks for all the suggestions folks.. I quickly checked out all of
> them.. the problem I have is that the directory I want to backup is
> around 1.5GB or so and currently I use tar and then gzip to compress
> it into a single file which just manages to fit on a 700MB CD. rsync
> doesn't seem to be able to compress, flexbackup looks good but what is
> the output from flexbackup?

I've not used it to back up to disk, but on tape it's one file per
volume that you backup.

With flexbackup, you also have the option of using either tar or afio
(or many others...) as an archiver. afio has the advantage of beeing
able to compress each file individually, before sending it into the
archive. This is a _huge_ plus if you somehow manage to corrupt your
archive. If it's a single big tar file that you compress afterwards, one
error in the archive makes the whole archive worthless.

It's also very flexible re. the compressor used. You can for instance
specify bzip2 as a compress-preprocessor to afio, which compresses
better than gzip.

Just a few thoughts...



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