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Re: slow console with 2.4.21-rc2-ben0

On  19 May, this message from Georg Koss echoed through cyberspace:
> I experienced a problem occurring since 2.4.21-rc1-ben0 kernel. It's
> that the console is horrible slow in output.

Are you sure this happens since 2.4.21-something only, and not before?

I tried it briefly, and indeed, the console is _slow_as_hell_ by
default. Scrolling is extremely weird, in that it scrolls up a few
lines, then moves down again a block of lines at a time, before
continuing to scroll up. It's hard to describe... but its terribly

> This behavior resolves with fbset -depth 4 and again fbset -depth 8
> and could be a problem with the console re-init after the removal of
> the penguin-logo during boot.

Indeed, this behaviour disappears when setting to depth 8. For me, the
problem seems to happen in depth 32 only... which is my default depth.

Here it seems to be a problem of how scrolling is implemented, maybe
moving line-by-line with one method, and every x lines doing a bigger
block scroll. Maybe has to do with one of the PanStep values reported by
fbset -i?

What I describe here happens on my 'control' display adapter.

What are you using? Does fbset -i show anything about acceleration being



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