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Re: program for backing up data

Thanks for all the suggestions folks.. I quickly checked out all of them.. the
problem I have is that the directory I want to backup is around 1.5GB or so and
currently I use tar and then gzip to compress it into a single file which just
manages to fit on a 700MB CD. rsync doesn't seem to be able to compress,
flexbackup looks good but what is the output from flexbackup? It doesn't look
like a single file but a tree structure (like rsync, dump etc.) with compressed
files (which can be burnt onto a CD I guess..)..

I also came across this script called back2cd which says that it can backup a
1.5-2GB directory, with filewise compression, onto an iso image thus automating
some of the tasks after the backup using any of the abovementioned tools... the
links are:


[ The first post is version 1.2 and the second is a diff (i.e. 
"difference file" to patch to 1.4 (instructions included). ] 

I think I'll try out some of these methods and see which one works best in my
case.. will post an update..


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