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creating shared libraries

I have some programs running on an embedded powerpc board (linuxppc-2.4.18). The program is statically linked to my own library and works really well, _BUT_ I'm running out of room on my filesystem so I want to create shared libraries and link all my apps to the shared libraries.

I seem to be able to link OK and the apps run up until a point and then just hangs. It seems that when the library tries to open a device driver using fopen() it just hangs. A printk in the device driver open routine never gets called. It seems something is blocking and the process is sleeping. The kernel doesn't die and the app can be killed. Further investigation shows that this only happens with fopen() but not with open().

Has ayone seen anything like this? I assume it's something wrong with the way the shared library is being created and/or compiled. Maybe it's the device driver but I really don't know.

Any help, pointers or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Brendan Simon.

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