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Re: program for backing up data

On  19 May, this message from Nirmal Govind echoed through cyberspace:
> Hi.. is there a free program for backing up specific folders on the
> hard disk onto a CD or external hard disk? I mean something that
> doesn't overwrite files that haven't changed etc. and only makes the
> necessary addition/deletion/replacement... would be even better if
> there was something that creates a compressed image or something and
> writes that to the CD if the total size of data to be backed up is
> greater than 650 or 700MB..

You can have a look at flexbackup (http://flexbackup.sourceforge.net/)
(not package for Debian yte, unfortunately).

It does backups to local disks, and automatic creation of CDs or .iso's
is mentioned in the TODO file...



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