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Re: ibook 2000 kernel config, install config

> I'm installing Debian 3.0r1 ppc from CDs onto a year 2000 ibook.

I installed onto my Grey/White 1999iBook from the net using Branden's 
instructions (http://people.debian.org/~branden/ibook). I immediately went to 
sid though.

> 2. Where can I find a copy of the .config files used to build the ppc
> default kernels?  I want to diff them to help reduce experimentation time.

After installation of a kernel, it's in /boot/config-2.4.19-powerpc, or in the 
kernel-headers in /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.4.20/.config

> 3. I think I read in one of the debian-powerpc threads that fs ext2 is no
> longer kept uptodate. Is this so? Should I be installing ext3 with
> journaling given 4GB HD space (shared with MacOS 9 on 10GB HD)?

I'd read something to that effect in lwn. More experimental things are going 
on in ext2 nowadays, but I believe that's in 2.5, not 2.4. However, ext3 is 
supposed to be quite nice.

> 4. I've set aside 2GB MacOS standard partition with the hope of
> initializing/formatting it so that files can be shared between the two
> OSes. Are there instructions on software/linux commands to format it as
> MSDOS or some other format readible by both OSes?

You can just mount an hfs partition. I wouldn't recommend msdos though! Also, 
I've read that hfs+ support in the kernel is coming along as well!


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